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- About Us-

- Our Mission-

- About Us-

Team like a girl is a platform for positive change.


We are centred on all things female, inspirational and adventurous.

This isn’t simply a one-off, but instead an ongoing evolving campaign. On our journey our aim is to empower women, change the perceptions of women and enable women to push beyond what they previously perceived as boundaries.

​Team ‘Like a girl’ was inspired by the Always #likeagirl campaign. As a team we represent a group of ordinary females taking on extraordinary challenges to change the negative connotations of ‘like a girl’.

Everyone faces their own challenges and each physical one hugely differs depending on perspective and relativity. We want to give females the belief to achieve so that we can boost the perspective of what they think they can do.

Team ‘like a girl’ supports the physical challenges but with the eventual goal of translating this to all aspects of life. Whether you've always wanted to go on an adventure, or you're looking for the next challenge we welcome you as part of our team.


It’s a social thing, don't be a stranger! Sign up for one of our run clubs, weekend cycle meets or join us at an upcoming event. We are open to all ability levels so come and #jointheteam.

- Articles-

Got a story? We'd love to hear from you, please write to us at

- Our Adventures-

Past | Present | Future

-  Free Weekly Run Clubs-

Team Like A Girl offer FREE weekly 5km run groups.


Sometimes joining a new club can be daunting so we are trying to create a fun, inclusive, friendly environment to get sweaty and hopefully make some great mates in the process!

Whether you're a complete beginner, avid runner or want to come along for the great chats- we'd love you to join.

Team Like A Girl meet at the corner of the outer circle every Tuesday @ 18.45.

After getting sweaty feel free to stick around for a social drink at the nearest pub. Who cares if you have a red face- we all will!

Coming from work? We offer a safe and secure lock up for your personal belongings.


- In The Press-

*Row Like A Girl generated over 115 press pieces, our story had a total reach of over 15 million impressions from 17 different countries.


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